artist : Tsuchiya Shoji

Born in Kyushu island Japan in 1965.

I spent my adolescence in the rich climate of Kyushu located in southern Japan,  and grew up  with a pure sense of visual perception in myself.                                                                                                      I studied oriental calligraphy SHODO from elementary school and obtained a qualification equivalent to a teacher.                                 

As an adult, I had learned the basics and approach to landscape painting by Narazaki Kiyoharu who was a pioneering master in the web community of watercolor while being as a regular office worker .


土谷勝司 1965年九州生まれ。





themes and methods

Emotions that everyone has in everyday life.
Joy, loneliness, fragility, sadness, or taste of bittersweet.                                                                              The feelings that cannot be revealed in various circumstances.
But those are natural things to human so that everyone can sympathize with.

Carefully skim and give them shapes with the help of ink and water.
I hope to be an artist who loves to do that.


テーマ 手法